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Do You Really Need A VPS? Optimised Shared Hosting vs VPSs

It turns out that a lot of the customers affected by the 123-reg mass deletion scandal should not have been on a VPS to begin with, especially considering their VPS was unmanaged. The problem is people want bigger, faster, better without actually understanding what bigger faster better entails or what it should ideally look like for that matter.

Important Lessons About Backing Up Your Website From The 123-Reg Fiasco

If you haven’t heard, 123-reg committed the biggest web hosting faux pas of the decade by inadvertently deleting 67 virtual private servers and with it losing a large portion of their customers data, forever! So what are the lessons we can take away from this? Backup Backup Backup Firstly a service provider of such stature as 123-reg should

Why You Should Enable CloudFlare Railgun™ On Your Website or Blog

Self Hosted is now a CloudFlare Optimized Partner and we are excited to offer the CloudFlare Railgun™ technology to all of our customers free of charge. Railgun is CloudFlare’s latest performance optimization technology that gives you significant improvements in site load times. Railgun ensures that the connection between the Self Hosted network and CloudFlare’s network is as fast

How CloudFlare Improves The Speed and Security of Your Website or Blog

This is a guest post composed and contributed by CloudFlare. CloudFlare makes it simple for any website to be as quick and secure as the Internet goliaths. CloudFlare, a web performance and security organization, is eager to declare our association with Self Hosted! On the off chance that you haven’t found out about CloudFlare some time