Do You Really Need A VPS? Optimised Shared Hosting vs VPSs

It turns out that a lot of the customers affected by the 123-reg mass deletion scandal should not have been on a VPS to begin with, especially considering their VPS was unmanaged. The problem is people want bigger, faster, better without actually understanding what bigger faster better entails or what it should ideally look like for that matter.

Important Lessons About Backing Up Your Website From The 123-Reg Fiasco

If you haven’t heard, 123-reg committed the biggest web hosting faux pas of the decade by inadvertently deleting 67 virtual private servers and with it losing a large portion of their customers data, forever! So what are the lessons we can take away from this? Backup Backup Backup Firstly a service provider of such stature as 123-reg should

You’ll Be A Fool To Miss Out! Save Over 75% On A Years Web Hosting

As long as it’s April 1st somewhere in the world you’ll be able to take advantage of this amazing 1 day promotion. Get our Bloggers web hosting package for only £10 for the first year or our Entreprenuers web hosting package for only £20 for the 1st year. Thats a massive saving of nearly 80%

The 10 Best Free WordPress Themes For Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers

A big part of the beauty of self hosted WordPress is its vast array of themes and templates. As amazing as this is it can also make it difficult to find the right theme for you, so we’ve compiled a tight list of the best themes that can be used for fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers. Our

The Ultimate Guide To A Super Fast WordPress Website or Blog

WordPress has developed a reputation for it’s lethargic state especially when confronted with large volumes of traffic, but it needn’t be that way if properly configured, even in shared hosting environments. If you’re experiencing a slow WordPress website or blog we’ll look at how you can dramatically improve performance without dramatically shifting your budget. Some of the bottlenecks

Litespeed Cache WordPress Plugin – Fastest WP Caching Solution Yet

A few years ago the defacto cache plugin for WordPress was W3 Total Cache and perhaps rightly so. Complete with a multitude of advanced features it was heralded the best solution especially considering large sites such as Mashable used it to help scale WordPress to their grand audience. But to be honest it perhaps offered

Thinking Of Going Self Hosted With Your Blog? We Can Help!

You’re probably running a growing blog and perhaps in turn growing frustrated with the limitations of hosted solutions such as and Blogger. You’ve heard of this concept of being self hosted but are’t sure where to begin. That’s where Self Hosted comes in; the easy and affordable web hosting solution for bloggers everywhere. With

How to Move Your Blog From to Self Hosted

Last week we gave you some advise to help you determine if you’re ready to move to self hosted WordPress. If you’ve decided that you are indeed ready to make the move then the next step is to figure out how. Look no further! If you’re using to host your blog here are the steps you’ll require

Should I Move My Blog to Self Hosted WordPress?

If you are a blogger chances are you’re using either Tumblr, Blogspot or (not to be confused with to host your blog. These are free services that allow you to get a blog online easily, but within the confines of their services because they are only blogging platforms and offer little else. If you need more functionality

Why We Recommend Using WordPress to Power Your Website or Blog

WordPress is one of the worlds most popular content management systems powering a massive 23.3% of the top 10 million websites on the internet. Some of these sites include giants such as Metro, Beyonce and Google even uses it to power it’s Google Ventures website. Not only does WordPress allow you to create great content it