The 10 Best Free WordPress Themes For Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers

A big part of the beauty of self hosted WordPress is its vast array of themes and templates. As amazing as this is it can also make it difficult to find the right theme for you, so we’ve compiled a tight list of the best themes that can be used for fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers. Our criteria was simple; the perfect themes for fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers need to showcase your images front and centre as well as being clean and minimal in design. So without further ado let the run down begin.

Standard Themes

These themes are what you’d expect from a blogging template. A feed of posts in a conventional blogging area with sidebars. If you’re coming from Blogspot then this layout would be very familiar to you.



Fashionistas by Athemes has to be one of our favourite themes for fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers. As the name suggests it has been carefully crafted with fashion bloggers in mind. We love the dual menu system which enables you to use one for pages and one for categories to keep them focused.



Absolutely love the design of Seasonal by Shaped Pixels. It was designed for the blogging purists who simply wants to blog. Its no fluff, content first  style ensures your posts remain the star of the show.



Much like Fashionistas, Powen by Super Nova Themes has very evidently been designed with bloggers in mind. It features a great slider to showcase your featured posts and sleek clean design.


DW Minion


DW Minion by DesignWall has a super clean 3 Column layout featuring 2 sidebars with the content in the middle. It’s very contemporary and is bound to suit the style of any fashion, beauty or lifestyle blogger.




If you’re all about the images then Resonar by Automattic is the theme for you. Featuring full screen featured images and large over hanging images this theme allows you to tell your story with a visual impact.



Masonry Themes

We love masonry blog designs and this is a style we implement on many of our client sites. It essentially means your posts are presented as a grid as opposed to a feed. This style was perhaps made most famous by the rise of Pinterest. The great thing about this style is your blog visitors can consume more posts quicker.



Oblique by Theme Isle is a very unique masonry theme due to, as the name suggests, its slanted design. Although we’re not usually a fan of dark designs, Oblique has managed to execute it so elegantly.




Fukasawa by Anders Noren sports a beautifully minimal design that displays your posts, images and videos in a Pinterest-style grid with infinite scroll. The modern layout features a fixed sidebar.


Creative Themes

These themes have a unique take on blogging concepts and the designs and may not necessarily be for everyone, but then again thats the beauty of being unique.



Boardwalk by Automattic is a very unique theme that scrolls horizontally. In all honesty as creative as it is i don’t think it will suit every blogger’s style but if you’re after something unique and visually appealing this could be for you.




Cubic by Automattic is a type of masonry theme just without the accompanying post excerpts. As with boardwalk this relies on you having very high quality images that will look great on any screen size.


So that concludes our run down of our favourite free WordPress themes for fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers. Our favourites have to be Oblique for its unique slant on themes (see what we did there) and Seasonal for its clean, content first design. We hope this collection allows you to find the right theme for you. Remember with any visual theme the perceptive quality is only going to be as good as your images so make sure you take high quality images or use creative commons/royalty free images.


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